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Easter Sunday Communion

Daryl has something special planned for next Sunday Morning…

As you all know, Easter Sunday is next week and we are all “confined to our quarters,” as it were. Resurrection Sunday has always been very special for the people of God

Because He lives we live. 

I have been thinking about how we can’t all gather together physically. I would like to do something a little different next week to remember His death and celebrate His resurrection until He returns for us (which doesn’t seem far off from the way I see it).
I’d ask everybody to use whatever safe way they have to get food this week to get some matzah, bread or crackers, and some grape juice or wine and meet me on the live stream next Sunday. If you have these things at home that’s even better.

We will talk about the last supper/ about where “two or three are gathered together”/ about “breaking bread from house to house”/ about the fellowship we have with our savior and our fellow believers which can’t be destroyed by a virus, and about our need to examine ourselves in our walk with God.
I hope you can join us as together we lift our hearts in prayer to the great physician praying for the world, our country, our neighbors and our families. 

One note: if the Lord should return before next Sunday, forget about the social distancing and give me a hug because we’ll all be safe in the arms of Jesus.

– Daryl

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