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Welcome a New Family

The Poulose family joined us just last week and we want to welcome them. We asked them to share a short intro to their family:

The Poulose’s are composed of 4 unique individuals. Paul and Juby, Timothy and Nayomi. Paul, the head of their tribe, was born in Bahrain, the Pearl of the Gulf – well at least when pearling was popular there and Juby was born in the City of Dreams – no, not New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of; Mumbai, ironically, the city that never sleeps. They have two wonderful children – Timothy (9 years) and Nayomi (7 years) who were born in Bahrain. Juby is an RN and Paul dabbles in Tech.

They landed in NY on the 21st of January 2020. They never dreamt of moving to the US. Visiting perhaps, as Juby’s brother and parents lived in NY but in the fullness of time, God arranged for both Juby and Paul to leave their respective jobs and migrate to the US. That in itself, is a long story! They fellowshipped with the Believers Brethren Assembly in Bahrain and were actively part of the youth and children’s ministry. They have a passion to support, nurture and build young people who are passionate about God and His Kingdom. They believe their life here has a purpose towards the extension of God’s Kingdom and look forward to each day revealing God’s immense grace. They are so excited to be here in St Louis and be a part of the Valley Park Chapel (they found out about the church through Sam and Joflin) and are looking forward to getting to know everyone and building long lasting relationships. 

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